Shepard Development has over three decades of experience in the Calgary market providing retail, office and industrial opportunities.

A Think Straight, Talk Straight Developer

Shepard Development Corporation (SDC) is a private, Calgary-based land development company providing office space, industrial facilities and retail opportunities for the city. What differentiates SDC is our outright ownership of the land we develop. This gives us unprecedented levels of control relative to access, architectural standards and environmental stewardship.

Since first breaking ground in 1988, SDC has developed commercial, office and industrial facilities on nearly 400 acres of land. Over 1,300,000 ft2 of that property is located in south east Calgary, Shepard Regional Centre, with a planned additional 1,500,000 ft2 currently under development at Shepard Station.

In northeast Calgary, at Jacksonport, SDC currently has 100 acres under development, which will house 1,200,000 ft2 of industrial and retail facilities.

Shepard’s corporate position is that we are a think straight, talk straight company; this is not just a marketing hype. Thinking straight and talking straight with our neighbors, customers, tenants and partners is what we have always done on our land – it is how we have thrived in the Calgary community for over twenty five years. Our approach is to keep it simple, tell it like it is, respect all perspectives and make decisions effectively and efficiently.

Shepard Development - About Us

Shepard Regional Centre has been under development since 1988, with the final parcel completed in 2015.